400,000 people are dead.


and I hope, with every breath,

we don’t take that lightly.

in the most beautiful way, I hope they haunt us.

i hope they haunt every decision we make.

the ones who are gone and the ones who cared for them as they went.

and wow.

we have all lost so much this year:

family, moments, weddings, sharing food, security, our health, classrooms, friendships, celebrations, big plans, little plans, income, touching, new successes, homes, our favorite meals, goodbyes, traveling, holidays, live music, traditions, we missed payments, milestones, doctors appointments, hugs, wow, just so much loss.

but most of all,

we have lost 400,000 lives.

and that is too many.

my heart aches for each of you and everyone who knew you and loved you didn’t get to say goodbye.